Monday, December 27, 2010

The Girl of Ice

There is a girl, the girl of ice,
In a strange situation,
Her heart is warm but she is cold,
That's just poor circulation.

This is another character from a book I designed a few years back that I am planning on re-working. I posted the Boy of Fire a few weeks ago. here is The Girl Of Ice. She seems to fit the current view out of the window here in Minnesota at the moment and also the theme of this weeks Illustration Friday topic. Winter.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kiss my mASScot!

The Altered Esthetics gallery: Adverti$ing show had their opening night last week. I am the featured artist for the show with my series "Kiss my mASScot".
Despite the snow storm and the 20 minute drive being turned to an hour and a half, some people still risked their lives to be there. Good work people!!!

Meanwhile at the sweatshop, chained up street orphans were being made to club baby seals to death so that shoddy dolls could be stuffed and hidden around the gallery for a spot of self promotion.

I painted my weiner and now its on display at the MOA!

In England we call them "Sausage dogs" but here in the U S of A its a "Weiner dog".......a weiner is a type of sausage, just so you know. If you go about asking people if they would like to see your weiner it can get you in trouble........or if you are lucky, a damn good time. On this occasion however I was talking about a life size statue of a dachshund*.

Once a year the Home For Life animal sanctuary has their Art Of The Dog event and displays dog houses and statues outside of Nordstrom's at the Mall of America (MN). The event runs from now until the 2nd of January 2011. All the houses and dogs are for sale with all proceeds going towards helping the dogs and cats of HOME FOR LIFE.

Get to the Mall and take a look at my dachshund/sausage/weiner dog titled: GOOD DOG/BAD DOG.

* The name "dachshund" is of German origin and literally means "badger dog", from Dachsbadger") and Hund ("dog")......see, always learning! Every day is a school day!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Work at Altered Esthetics gallery

NEW WORK! My "Kiss my mASScot" series is now on show at the Altered Esthetics gallery in NE Minneapolis as part of their "Adverti$ing" exhibition throughout the month of December.

The opening was last night and almost snowed out. I'll update a little later!

The show was also featured in the City Pages A-list Events: Read here!