Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lutefisk Sushi : Volume E - Mini Comics Show

 Every year Altered Esthetics Gallery in Northeast Minneapolis dedicates one of it's monthly shows to comic art. This November comes the Lutefisk Sushi: Volume E show. Lutefisk Sushi is a series of limited edition, screen-printed boxes filled with mini-comics by Minnesota cartoonists.
I just finished my mini comic which will be printed 160 times. One for each Lutefisk Sushi box.
My comic has Ewoks.

I found out about the Lutefisk sushi shows when I was in England still and my then girlfriend, now wife found one of the promotional postcards for the show and sent it to me....that made me find out about the International Cartoonist conspiracy which I am now a member of and also about Altered Esthetics, which I am now a member of the board and part of the committee that helped plan out this years Lutefisk show.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pac Man...London Underground...something...

Here is a piece i had in my head for a while which was submitted to the 8-Bit show at Altered Esthetics. I think I called it something like "Pac-Man underground" or "Pac-Man on the London Tube". Something to do with Pac-Man and the London Underground anyway,  on account of it being Pac-Man going along the Victoria tube station platform in London and me being really creative with my painting titles.