Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rat heads and dead frogs and me, oh my.

The more astute of you will notice that I neglected to post anything for the last week of February in Illustration Friday. Colour me failed!!! I then went on to not post anything at all. Anyway, here is a little update.

MIA - FOOT IN THE DOOR. I found my piece in the first room under 84-08. Some hard worker with fingers now worn to the bone has put the whole thing on line. Check it out....and find me here:


I mentioned in my previous post about MIA's Foot in the Door show. A show held every 10 years at the Arts institute where ANYONE can submit a piece as long as it fits in a 12" by 12" box. Sadly....or not....depending on how you were looking at it....I didn't see any squirrels duct taped to bricks. I did notice a rat head glued to a plastic Micky Mouse body. Art is fun....just not for rodents.
......or frogs. Despite being held by monkeys.

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