Sunday, August 28, 2011


This weekend I went to the Minnesota State Fair and sampled the sweet corn ice cream (with bacon toffee sauce), deep fried cookie dough, Beer Margarita, Pork Chop on a stick and I may never eat again. In the salt/sugar hang over I was reminded that I actually submitted a piece to the State Fair Gallery earlier in the wasn't selected but is currently on display at their overflow show at the excellent space at Hopkins Center for the Arts.

Having a piece rejected or not accepted is pretty tough especially when you think of the time spent on it. At first I was disappointed, the traffic flowing through the Minnesota State Fair is pretty epic, but then most people don't really go to the fair for the art, right? Right? Say "right"! RIGHT!
The Hopkins Center for the Arts on the other hand? All about the Art lovers 100%....right?
The piece I did showing the building of a fair favorite, Sweet Martha's Cookies sold on the opening night of the exhibition.

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  1. RIGHT!!! ;) i think it's epic, James! Nice work...and of COURSE!! it was gonna sell! The MN State Fair suffered greatly!! Maybe it will be hanging in Sweet Martha's Shop next year!! ;) You never know who the buyer might be! ;)