Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nobody calls me CHICKEN.

I nearly got into a full blown fight before over what is the best movie trilogy. I said (quite correctly) that the best movie trilogy ever made was the Back To The Future saga. I stand by this. The other guy said Godfather. Can you believe some people?!

I am sure that like me this picture bugs you a little bit as it never actually happens this way. Marty McFly is not in his orange vest when Biff yells this at him. Actually he never yells this at him in the First movie at all. I am currently hanging my head in shame but thought it wouldn't be as recognizable otherwise.


  1. Might not have happened exactly like this, but that's what we term creative licence, isn't it? Love the bully.

  2. Ha! samesies http://www.granthunter.net/2011/01/chicken.html