Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lost Labyrinth Picture.

This was the picture of Sir Diddymus that I was talking about in my previous post about Illustration Friday before I posted the paper-cut character.
I originally did this picture last year and thought I had a digital copy but it appears I don't. I think it sold. So I re-drew it this morning over breakfast.

The three original Ludo, Hoggle and SirDiddymus paper-cuts can be seen HERE.


  1. Well thank you - i've now added a photo of my chameleon for his 5 minutes of fame.
    I love these labyrinth paper cuts - they are inspired! Would like to see a paper cut david bowie or the tramp lady. Or to really push the boundaries a paper cut sloth from the goonies. great!

  2. Holly! You are some kind of mind reader....although not Paper cut I just finished a Sloth picture for my "3G" series. A paper cut next project!