Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Oooh, Big Projects. Part 1 - The January "I asked you to do this ages ago, whatevs" Project

So in the 2011s my plate started to get full up with all sort of Art Gubbins which is great because I have all these cool projects to be getting on with and then not great because it showed how ridiculously unorganized I am in my real life.

The first project was actually penned in late last year for the "information architects" at London company and META. At first they simply requested a canvas painting of three of the employees for the meeting room. I sketched these out in ink attaching a few images of acrylic work to reference the style. One of these images was of my Devil character, Heaven's Little Reject, playing Poker. The big boss man over at META liked this character so much that he scrapped the original idea in favour of the devil......on a laptop.

This was to go with the tag line "The Devils in the detail" - A few more acrylic on canvas tests later and a new idea was hatched. This time the aim was to have binary code (the guys at META work with figures all the live-ling day y'see?) with the devil hidden within one of the zeros.

A few "try-not-to-be-too-much-like-the-film-"the MATRIX"-and-pretend-you've-seen-binary-code-in-places-other-than-the-film-"The MATRIX", and we finally hit on some final drafts...........then the final piece...........

That was January.

I actually have BIG (yeah, capital letters!) projects every month up until April. So there. I really need to get more organized.......

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