Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oooh, Big Projects. Part 2 - The February/March "Secret Tomodachi/Munny/This-is-why-my-other-projects-were-on-hold" Project

Since February I have been working on commissioned pieces for Tomodachi store in Rosedale Mall, MN. Using the Do-it-yourself vinyl toy from Kidrobot named MUNNY six of my designs were chosen for a project coming in April. I stuck in my comfort zone of air dry clay and Citadel Paints (which include, blood red, chaos black, snot green and the always colourful, vomit brown, in their colour chart....these are the actual names) but tried to add a different media in each one. Of the following six complete Munnys now on show at the Tomodachi store, I also used model grass, paper, string, wood, glass and rice.

The beginning - One down

Devil Munny

Sushi Munny -
based on a the first Mini Munny I made for Tomodachi back in 2009
(made with real rice that can still be found in every nook and cranny of our apartment)

"Believe" Munny"

Fishing Munny

In the Dragon's Keep
(A knight riding on the body, a dragon for the head guarding the Princess in the tower)

(Wicked Witch on the back)

Red Fire Tiki Munny
(from my previous "Blue Ice Tiki" Mini Munny design)

6 finished Munny...and one more to come.

Get to the best store in Minnesota to see a whole load more Munny done by different Minnesotan artists.

Tomodachi Store
156 Rosedale center #655
Roseville, MN 55113
(651) 631-1777

On show until April when they are moved to a new location to be posted later.

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