Saturday, February 5, 2011


Who here hasn't driven their tiny car into a dark villain and monster filled bar and just needed to...........reverse? Nobody! Exactly, we've all done it! Everyone has.

This wasn't the first thought I had for this week's Illustration Friday topic. Actually I had seen something a good few days before the topic of "Reverse" was revealed and I was determined to shoe horn in a picture of a baby monkey riding backwards on a pig......Luckily for me (and you....just wait!) "Reverse" sort of fit with the baby monkey. Why the topic though? It is because my good friend and Athlete, Adventurer, Designer, Mr Alex McCormick brought something into my life. Something that gave me words to live my life by.....

"You got to keep on keeping on,
get on that pig and hold on tight"

It was the greatest 59 second clip I have ever seen. You would not believe how happy this makes me. Just watch it, smile and understand....


  1. Your linework is amazing. Really love the monster piece.

  2. You have an amazing talent, the line work is over the top wonderful!

  3. oops they look like Viking's fans unhappy about Green Bay making it to the superbowl. very fun.

  4. haha the pig looks just as scared as the monkey. Love it ♥

  5. Your monkey on the pig is awfully cute! I actually haven't seen that video before (must've been living under a rock). Nice job!