Sunday, February 13, 2011

3 Illustrations for "SWEATER"

This weeks Illustration Friday topic was SWEATER. This sounded strangely to my ears, probably because they are British ears. Even though I know that it was referring to what I know as a "Jumper" there was still a slight nagging in my head when I drew thick woolen garments.

Y'see, what my brain (my English brain) was really trying to put onto paper was the fact that while my mum and my wife are usually complaining about the cold the males of the Powell family always run hot. As they turn up the heat: Myself, my nephew, my brother and my dad? We are SWEATERS!


  1. Oh this is funny (and so well done too lest I forget to say so) and I can totally identify. To my American brain a sweater is a sweater but here in France it's a 'pull'. It took me forever to get used to that. I was always thinking, 'Pull? Pull what?' 'Til my husband explained that's short for pullover, as in pullover your head and then I got it (although I still don't know why they'd use an English word, but oh well...).

  2. Hi James
    Just came to you via my fellow SW Illustrator Angela Fernihough's SWEATER post, if you see what I mean. I'm still doing my non-jumper SWEATER entry...

    I was intrigued by you saying you still put a 'u' in COLOUR...BECAUSE you're turning American with your spelling of WOOLLEN! Sorrrrrrrrrry!

    Like your gorilla in its thick woollen garment.

  3. My computer is American and always trying to spell check my (Queen's) English behind my back!