Saturday, February 19, 2011

LAYER? It's my party and I'll draw Leia if I want to.

Illustration Friday's topic this week is LAYER. I often just try to sketch the first thing that comes into my head and then evolve that into a final piece. Well, it is my birthday today (Happy Birthday Me!) and I might not have time this weekend to post anything. As it was I did this at 1am last night after cleaning for a party today. I then fell asleep before any "layer" pictures were born.

Having said that my wife noticed that the word LAYER and the Star Wars character's name (Princess) LEIA are quite similar ("exactly the same") to her American ears when I say them to her in my British accent.

So here is Princess, sounds a bit wrong. Stick with Princess Leia. Sorry.


  1. Happy Birthday you!!! Layer, Leia ... close enough. :)

  2. Well, not bad to celebrate your birthday with Princess Leia! Happy Birthday!

  3. Hahahaha! Loved reading your post! Cool illustration and Happy Birthday!!!

  4. Love it! KP is such a genius! What would you do without her?! ;)